Top Notch Ab Roller Reviews & Testimonials

At Mad Owl Fitness, we've put precision, care and passion into every element of our product design. From our Top Notch Ab Rollers, to our Guru Mat, to our Guru Booty Bands, everything we engineer is nothing short of the best possible quality.

We sell the only ab roller wheel on the market that's designed to help prevent wrist injury. This ergonomic design has opened up a whole new range of abdominal workouts to people who were not previously able to use this type of equipment.

Below, you’ll find ab roller video testimonials from athletes of all walks of life who have upped their workout game to levels they had never thought possible. Check out their stories in our Top Notch ab roller reviews below.

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The safety and comfort of our ab roller design has made a fantastic abdominal workout experience easier than ever before. What's more, all our products are portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble, so you can take them just about anywhere. If you like to workout in a variety of places, the Top Notch Ab Roller can come with you to the office, park, gym, or home.

All our products are built to last: we know if you’re working hard, you need durable equipment that has just as much endurance as you’re striving for. That’s why we chose industry-grade materials like ABS polymer, high resistance elastic fabric, and non-skid rubber. These materials’ sturdiness and stability also simplifies balance challenges, adding safety and security to your workout.

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