Top Notch AB Roller Pro
June 11, 2019
Top Notch Guru Tutor Mat
April 3, 2020
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Top Notch AB Roller

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Enhance Your Ab Workouts at Home with Effective Equipment

This is the ab workout roller wheel that’s made Mad Owl Fitness the company it is today. With a sleek design, unsurpassed functionality, and there is simply no better fitness wheel on the market online or in stores.

Roller wheel workouts use a wide range of motion for the most all-encompassing abdominal exercise you can get. With each rep, you can feel the burn target every single core muscle. With our wide wheel and low wrist impact, users of any athletic capability can have a great workout.

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Ab Roller Perks

  • Patented, true ergonomic wrist support design
  • Ultra-wide, non-skid fitness wheel for enhanced stability control
  • Durable, built-to-last construction
  • User friendly for any fitness level
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and portable

Using Our Ab Roller Wheel for Your Home Workouts

If you’ve ever struggled to use ab workout home equipment because of the impact it has on your wrists, we’ve eliminated the issue by designing a low-impact support system for your forearms. Our design shifts the impact to your forearms and adds width to the wheel so you can easily balance without straining your wrists.

Pair your Top Notch Ab Roller with our Top Notch Guru Tutor Mat, an extra-wide mat that has a variety of ab roller exercises printed directly on it for you to follow. It comes with a guide for suggested exercises that can be customized to fit any exercise routine or intensity preference.

How Do I Use the Top Notch Ab Roller?

Top Notch Ab Roller Pro

Start Position:

  1. Keep the front of the Top Notch pointing down.
  2. When you roll forward, keep your arms straight.
  3. Breathe out slowly through your mouth as you roll forward, inhale through your nose as you roll back.
Plank Position:

  1. After spending some time mastering the Start position, slowly extend to plank if you can maintain stability in your abdominals.
  2. Stay in this position as long as you can while engaging your core.
  3. Don’t forget your breathing technique!
Advanced Variation:

  1. Fully roll-out and extend for a complete body workout that targets different muscle groups.
  2. Professional supervision or experience is recommended at any level.

Make sure you check out our instructional videos to learn how to get the most out of the ab roller workout.

This is the ab workout home equipment that will stand the test of time throughout the years. For serious core athletes or just casual gym-goers who want to enhance their workout, the Top Notch ab roller wheel is the perfect wellness investment.

Looking for more support for your knees in your ab roller workouts? Consider the Top Notch Ab Roller Pro instead, which comes equipped with easy-to-store knee pads.

Questions or comments? Contact Mad Owl Fitness here.

1 review for Top Notch AB Roller

  1. Milton

    I can use this all day long , very comfortable and stable, looks great and i can feel the quality of the product. most important i can feel my feel my abs with every roll out i take.
    awesome product!! I am very happy with my investment.

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Top Notch AB Roller
June 11, 2019
Guru Booty Bands (Pack 3)
April 5, 2020
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Top Notch Guru Tutor Mat

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Top Notch Guru Tutor Mat: The Best Ab Workout Mat Anywhere

Created to complement our Top Notch Ab Roller fitness wheels, the Guru Tutor Mat is a one of a kind home workout mat exclusive to Mad Owl Fitness.

Made with eco-friendly material, this 0.6cm thick ab workout mat allows you to take a fantastic abdominal exercise with you anywhere you go. Both our mat and our ab roller are lightweight and portable so you can take them in a duffel to your gym, a park, or your office. This high-quality material is built to last so you can have it for years to come.

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Specially Designed To Enhance Top Notch Ab Roller Workouts

Printed directly on the ab mat is a workout routine including roll distance and direction and set/rep suggestions. Simply place the mat on a flat surface and place the roller according to the colored guides. Ensure your Form is Correct and roll out with control along the lines. There’s no need for guesswork when you take this mat with you!

Added Accessories

This home workout mat also comes ready with several unique designs that help you to get started on a fitness journey that goes beyond your core. The design of this mat also includes:

  • A three-step guide to help you reach your fitness goals
  • Suggested yoga poses for warmups and cooldowns
  • Rollout distance and set repetition suggestions
  • A full-month calendar to challenge you and track your progress
  • An informative food facts chart for burning calories
  • Guru Tutor Mat Instructional video

We’re confident an investment in Mad Owl Fitness ab workout mats and other products will change the quality of your abdominal workouts forever. If you have any questions about this product or your order, read our FAQ or contact us.


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Top Notch Guru Tutor Mat
April 3, 2020
Mad Owl Drawstring bag
January 18, 2021
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Guru Booty Bands (Pack 3)

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  • Comes in pack of three with workout instructions printed on bands for convenience.
  • Engineered by Mad Owl Fitness with high resistance soft elastic fabrics, strong stitching for durability and performance.
  • Maximizes strength and toning of hip and glutes through resistance.
  • Exercises legs and thighs to achieve full body workouts.
  • Can be used for yoga, pilates, strength, and physical therapy.
  • Carry bag included.
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Guru Booty Bands | Glute Workout Bands from Mad Owl Fitness

There’s no better way to make your posterior strong and firm than with our expertly engineered workout bands for your thighs and glutes!

Traditional squats and lunges are a great way to target the quads and glutes, but what if you want to up the ante? Resistance bands for legs and glutes help you hone in on the exact muscles you want to train, allowing for more focused, targeted, and effective training.

You can incorporate our Guru Booty Bands into your favorite barre workouts, yoga practice, or Pilates, in addition to supporting other strength-training exercises with them. The versatility of workout bands for thighs or glutes means you can make your workout as intense as you want. Users of all fitness levels can benefit from this multipurpose equipment!


  • Workout instructions printed directly on the bands
  • Maximum strength and toning of hip and glutes with targeted resistance
  • High resistance, soft, elastic fabrics with strong stitching for durability and performance
  • Convenient carry bag for extra portability
  • Purchase comes in a pack of three bands

Accessible, Comfortable, and Durable

Anyone can achieve a sculpted booty and strong thighs with these glute workout bands from Mad Owl Fitness. We never sacrifice quality in any aspect of our design. You’ll find only the best materials in our products, built with just as much endurance as you strive for in your workouts.

If you’re a total beginner, starting out is a cinch. These resistance bands for legs and glutes come with comprehensive exercise instructions printed directly on the bands themselves. This way, you’ll never forget the proper form and technique.

Shop Mad Owl Fitness

We want you to get the most out of our glute workout bands. For more education regarding nutrition, fitness, general health, or our patented Top Notch Ab Rollers, check out our blog.

We do our utmost to ensure customer satisfaction. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we offer simple returns, refunds, and replacements if your purchase does not meet our highest standards. If you have any questions, we encourage you to read our FAQ page or contact us.

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