Top Notch AB Roller
Top Notch AB Roller
Top Notch AB Roller
Top Notch AB Roller
Mad Owl Fitness

Top Notch AB Roller

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Enhance Your Ab Workouts at Home with Effective Equipment

This is the ab workout roller wheel that’s made Mad Owl Fitness the company it is today. With a sleek design, unsurpassed functionality, and there is simply no better fitness wheel on the market online or in stores.

Roller wheel workouts use a wide range of motion for the most all-encompassing abdominal exercise you can get. With each rep, you can feel the burn target every single core muscle. With our wide wheel and low wrist impact, users of any athletic capability can have a great workout.

Ab Roller Perks

  • Patented, true ergonomic wrist support design
  • Ultra-wide, non-skid fitness wheel for enhanced stability control
  • Durable, built-to-last construction
  • User friendly for any fitness level
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and portable

Using Our Ab Roller Wheel for Your Home Workouts

If you’ve ever struggled to use ab workout home equipment because of the impact it has on your wrists, we’ve eliminated the issue by designing a low-impact support system for your forearms. Our design shifts the impact to your forearms and adds width to the wheel so you can easily balance without straining your wrists.

Pair your Top Notch Ab Roller with our Top Notch Guru Tutor Mat, an extra-wide mat that has a variety of ab roller exercises printed directly on it for you to follow. It comes with a guide for suggested exercises that can be customized to fit any exercise routine or intensity preference.