Guru Booty Band Best Booty Igniters

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  • Guru Booty Band are high end exercise bands that use tension and resistance to safely build strength and muscle. They are made of environmentally safe soft latex fabric with proprietary durable stitching, so they will serve your workout needs for quite a long time. These bands can be used to stretch, tone, build strength and endurance, and can be used most anywhere. You can use them for complex resistance routines or even while you are sitting down and working. Anyone can use these at any age as they use natural tension and resistance to build up muscles with use.
  • OUR PRODUCT: 3 Highly effective resistant bands to tone and sculpt your legs and thighs. Created for maximum results and epic levels of endurance for your core.
  • MATERIAL: Our bands are made of the highest quality soft latex fabric with strong stitching for durability and resistance for constant use.
  • USE: Perfect for squats and lunges. Also an ideal way to target the quads and glutes, Maximum strength and toning of hip and glutes with targeted resistance
  • PURPOSE: Users of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from this multipurpose equipment! expertly engineered workout bands for your thighs and glutes!
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Our bands comes in a pack of three with workout instructions printed on bands for convenience and comfort.

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