Mad Owl Bundle

$100.00 $147.00

Pick a bundle that fits your physical fitness needs and your budget. Whether you choose the Mad Owl Bundle or the Mad Owl Bundle Pro, you can buy a comprehensive workout bundle that will help your physical fitness reality meet your physical fitness dreams. Mad Owl Fitness is a one of a kind exercise equipment company that develops comprehensive, safe, ergonomic gym equipment for the home or the gym. We develop tools that provide comprehensive workouts for the novice or the expert.

 Our bundles provide safe, space efficient, cost effective workouts that strengthen and define your entire core along with other muscle groups that deliver a comprehensive workout each and every time. Our bundles help develop balance, build confidence, increase muscle tone and definition, and give you the workout you need to meet your physical fitness goals on your own timeline. Whether you just want to stay fit and strong and workout simply at home with our Mad Owl Bundle, or you are a hard core gym rat that wants a routine that pushes you to the max with our Mad Owl Bundle Pro, we have a fitness solution to meet your unique needs.

  • AB ROLLER: Made with eco-friendly material designed to take a beating and last, it has a patented true ergonomic wrist support design. The ultra-wide handle brings comfort to the users wrist alleviating pressure, while the non-skid fitness wheel enhances body stability. Has a sleek design with unsurpassed functionality. The roller wheel is capable of a wide range of motion for the most all-encompassing abdominal exercise.
  • GURU MAT: Made with eco-friendly material, this 0.6cm thick ab workout mat allows you to take a fantastic abdominal exercise with you anywhere you go. Created to complement our Top Notch Ab Roller fitness wheels, the Guru Tutor Mat is a one of a kind home workout mat exclusive to Mad Owl Fitness.
  • GURU BOOTY BANDS: Our bands are made of the highest quality soft latex fabric with strong stitching for durability and resistance for constant use. 3 Highly effective resistant bands to tone and sculpt your legs and thighs. Created for maximum results and epic levels of endurance for your core.
  • PURPOSE: Users of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from this multipurpose equipment! expertly engineered workout bands for your thighs and glutes!
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Top Notch Roller + Guru Mat + Guru Booty Bands