About Us

Mad Owl Fitness Gear is born from a need for a need workout regimen that is safe, cost effective, and that provides the results that you need in the time you have available to you. Meet our state of the art, more compact, more efficient ab roller trainer, perfectly designed to target different muscle groups. Face it, time is too short, money is harder to hold onto, and modern life is too fast paced. You need a fitness tool that can help you develop the body you want in the time that you realistically have to work with. There is simply not enough time in the day to deal with family, work and other issues that  we all have to deal with. It makes it impossible to fulfill gym commitments. It makes it impossible to keep those fitness promises you made to yourself. Forget hitting those routine body shaping milestones you set for yourself. Mad Owl Fitness Gear gives you the technology that provides a complete body workout that requires little space, that doesn't break the bank, and that doesn't take a tremendous amount of time.


We all know working out is essential and necessary, but nothing seems to fit the bill, until now! Now your fitness goals are achievable with the best ab roller on the market. This ab roller provides the safest, most reinforced ergonomic design along with other exquisite tools that will help you accomplish your fitness goals. The Top Notch ab roller provides a comprehensive workout. Live a healthier lifestyle for you and your family with more time to spend with your loved ones and more money to spend on them too. The Top Notch is the only Ab roller that will allow you to prolong your workouts and give you results sooner, saving money and time without wrecking your schedule.