Resistance bands for legs and glutes, workout bands for thighs

July 22, 2022

Resistance bands for legs and glutes, workout bands for thighs

Guru Booty Bands | Glute Workout Bands from Mad Owl Fitness Gear

 At Mad Owl Fitness, we’re always in pursuit of solutions that improve our fitness and our lives. We encourage our customers to use our products in conjunction with a healthy diet, cardio workouts, a stretching routine, and a way to track your progress.

There’s no better way to make your posterior strong and firm than with our expertly engineered workout bands for your thighs and glutes!

 Traditional squats and lunges are a great way to target the quads and glutes, but what if you want to up the ante? Resistance bands for legs and glutes help you hone in on the exact muscles you want to train, allowing for more focused, targeted, and effective training.

 You can incorporate our Guru Booty Bands into your favorite barre workouts, yoga practice, or Pilates, in addition to supporting other strength-training exercises with them. The versatility of workout bands for thighs or glutes means you can make your workout as intense as you want. Users of all fitness levels can benefit from this multipurpose equipment!


  • Workout instructions printed directly on the bands
  • Maximum strength and toning of hip and glutes with targeted resistance
  • High resistance, soft, elastic fabrics with strong stitching for durability and performance
  • Convenient carry bag for extra portability
  • Purchase comes in a pack of three bands

Anyone can achieve a sculpted booty and strong thighs with these glute workout bands from Mad Owl Fitness Gear. We never sacrifice quality in any aspect of our design. You’ll find only the best materials in our products, built with just as much endurance as you strive for in your workouts.

 If you’re a total beginner, starting out is a cinch. These resistance bands for legs and glutes come with comprehensive exercise instructions printed directly on the bands themselves. 

We want you to get the most out of our glute workout bands. For more education regarding nutrition, fitness, general health, or our patented Top Notch Ab Rollers