Personal Trainers

June 21, 2022

Personal Trainers


If you are a professional personal trainer, you understand how important it is to provide your client with results that they can see and feel. Once you asses your customers needs, you know by now that most if not all customers are going to want the tightest abdominal cores and the best looking, fittest abs that they can possibly develop. But you don't want to discourage your customer by planning routines that are too time intensive or too expensive, because that makes it more likely for customer to quit. That is where partnering with Mad Owl Fitness Gear can help you help your customers and build your business. Mad Owl Fitness provides ergonomic, safe and healthy compact ab roller trainers that use state of the art, patented technology to deliver dramatic, noticeable results more quickly than any other ab rollers on the market. Also the Guru Tutor Mat combine with Our Guru Booty Bands for an explosive workout. The Guru Tutor Mat has 1 thru 7 starting with warm ups and cool down, how to properly use your ab roller, roll distance, repetitions, direction and set/rep suggestions. to pave the road to strong core, body and booty workout with the Guru Booty Bands.

Our unique design safely strengthens and tones the entire abdominal core and many other muscle groups, providing a complete, convenient physical fitness program your clients will love you for.

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