How do I get six pack abs as quick as possible?

December 08, 2022

How do I get six pack abs as quick as possible?


The problem with attempting to acquire six-pack abs and 10% body fat as quickly as possible is that you'd have to produce such a significant calorie deficit that you'd also lose a lot of lean muscle.
This would make the body you achieve at the conclusion of your diet far less appealing than you believe.
It would also make long-term maintenance of that slim body extremely difficult, and you would most certainly relapse.
I've been between 10 and 15% body fat for roughly a decade, I've never seen someone with a "quick fix" mentality effectively achieve and maintain a lean physique.

Poor fitness regimens make it all too simple to harm yourself or get subpar results. I've been lucky to meet good trainers with relevant expertise who have guided me to a higher level of body awareness, flexibility, and strength.


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