About Mad Owl Fitness

At Mad Owl Fitness, we’re all about exercise equipment that efficiently targets your core muscles without any risk of wrist injury. We sell the only abdominal trainer that prevents wrist strain and carpal tunnel, featuring a design and functionality that’s completely unbeatable when compared to other ab rollers.

Our products are for people of any skill level in any location. You can roll out our Guru Mat and our ab roller just about anywhere for a quiet, apartment-friendly workout. We designed our roller to be compact, lightweight, and portable, so you can store it just about anywhere.

What Makes Our Top Notch Ab Rollers Unique

Our dual-shaft design allows you to adjust your resistance level for a more intense workout. When you switch these notches, you can customize your workout whether you’re a total beginner or are a fitness pro.

Additionally, our patented, sleek design includes an ergonomic handle that takes the impact off of your wrists and shifts it to your forearm. You don’t have to worry about injury or balance issues when you use the Top Notch Ab Roller. This is especially important for people with a history of carpal tunnel or other wrist issues that prevent normal ab roller use.

Also, unlike most other ab rollers, ours doesn’t include a retractable spring, which is less effective than our design. It’s ergonomic and easy to use.

The Highest Quality Online, Period

We make our ab rollers out of industry-standard ABS plastic, a strong and highly durable material that’s built to last. We chose this material because it doesn’t bend easily, allowing for the utmost impact resistance and the most intense workout.

The wheels on our rollers have a 4.5” wide flat wheel surface. We’ve determined this to be the ideal width to maintain correct balance and control, so you can concentrate on targeting your core rather than maintaining stability. This patented design is unparalleled—you won’t find any others like it online or in stores.

Challenge Your Core Without Risking Wrist Injury

Ergonomic design is our core priority. A lot of people who work out their core struggle to support their body weight on their wrists. That’s why we’ve designed the only ab roller where you can support yourself on your forearms. Our Top Notch Ab Rollers feature forearm supports that allow people with weak wrists or wrist injuries to still get an incredible and intense ab workout.

Another obstacle that people encounter when using ab rollers is maintaining balance. We don’t want balance issues to get in the way of improving your core, so we’ve made our wheels stronger and wider than most other ab rollers you can find.

As a bonus, our Top Notch Ab Roller Pro also comes with built-in knee pads that store right inside the roller itself. These knee pads are rubber and non-slip, so there’s virtually nothing in your way of directly targeting your abs for the ultimate core workout.

The Best Equipment For Ab Training, Period

Our Top Notch Ab Rollers are designed to challenge every core muscle group. When you’re using the correct form, you should feel a burn in your upper, lower, and lateral abdominal muscles.

Beginners can start gradually by starting with decreased resistance and a smaller range of motion. If you incorporate ab roller exercises into your routine every day, you can work up to rolling the wheel out fully and doing more sets and reps.

Like any exercise, your form has to be on point for the maximum benefits. It should burn, but not hurt! If you’re not sure exactly how to use an ab roller, we put together an instructional video to assist you. Our Guru Mat is also printed with ab wheel exercises right on the mat, and comes with a guide and calendar with distance and set repetition suggestions.

Another product we’re proud to feature here at Mad Owl Fitness is our Guru Booty Bands, perfect for leg, thigh, side-body, and glute workouts. Like our mats, exercise suggestions are conveniently printed right on the bands themselves. People at any fitness level can use these for yoga, pilates, physical therapy, and more. These are engineered to be strong and durable—we make equipment that’s as tough as the workouts they’re designed for.

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