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    Ab Roller Benefits for Body & Mind

    man pointing to his own strong abdominal muscles

    An ab roller workout is one of the most effective and in-depth core workouts you can achieve with just a single piece of equipment! Read on to learn five key tips about ab roller effectiveness from Mad Owl Fitness.

    Ab Roller Benefit #1: Targets a Huge Range Of Muscles

    One of the key ab wheel benefits is that it challenges your entire core, not just a small set of ab muscles as in the case of crunches. It’s the most comprehensive and exhaustive core workout out there.

    Ab roller effectiveness is dependent on you engaging your entire core. If you’re not engaging your front abdominals, transverse abdominals, and your internal and external obliques all at once, it’s easier to lose balance and control. While you’ll still likely feel it later, ab workouts that effectively target every layer of your abdominals will yield the best results.

    In addition to targeting core muscles, ab wheels target muscles across the upper body. The more you use the ab roller, the more you’ll see supplemental benefits across your lats, deltoids, biceps, triceps, and stabilizing muscles along your spine.

    Ab Roller Benefit #2: Promotes More Muscle Activity than Traditional Crunches

    As you’ll quickly find, using an ab roller effectively is not easy. If it’s too easy, you’re probably not doing it right!

    It’s challenging because it’s incredibly effective. Ab roller exercises are essentially a plank in motion, demanding you maintain stability and control throughout the duration of the movement. You need to engage every muscle evenly and accurately, avoiding using your back or arms in excess, in order to attain the maximum ab wheel benefits.

    Just learning how to do a single accurate rep on an ab wheel is an incredible challenge in itself! That’s why, if you’re a beginner, you don’t need to do too many reps to start feeling the burn! For more information on proper form, check out our video tutorials.

    Ab Roller Benefit #3: Trains Balance and Coordination

    Any strength training is excellent for improving your balance and stability, but ab rollers take the challenge to the next level.

    Using an ab roller regularly will increase your stamina, your endurance, and your ability to maintain control and balance throughout the duration of the exercise.

    Our Top Notch Ab Rollers are designed to reduce balance issues that come from wrist strain and a thin, wobbly wheel. To train your balance and coordination effectively, you need to be working with a high-quality piece of equipment that you’re training with, not against.

    Ab Roller Benefit #4: Lets You Gradually Increase Resistance & Intensity

    No matter if you’re a bodybuilder or just starting out, there’s an ab roller exercise for everyone.

    Beginners can start off with a short rolling length that lasts just until you feel unbalanced. Those with more experience in fitness can take the exercises longer and in different directions for added ab roller effectiveness. When you’re advanced enough, you can roll out until your arms are nearly straight, or alter the direction of the wheel to increase the intensity on your obliques.

    The notches on our Top Notch Ab Rollers add another level of intensity personalization. By adjusting the notches by the wheel, you can increase the resistance to give your workout an extra level of difficulty. We removed the retractable spring from our design and created our product with an industrial strength ABS material for enhanced resistance and durability. No other ab roller online or in stores comes with this feature!

    Ab Roller Benefit #5: Relieves Back Pain

    Strengthening your core muscles is one of the best methods to reduce back pain. When your core is stronger, you greatly reduce your risk of back injury in any exercise.

    According to the Cleveland Clinic, when the muscles surrounding your lower back are weak, your body relies on passive (non-muscular) parts to maintain stability. This includes ligaments, spinal bones, or spinal discs. These structures aren’t designed to support body weight the way your muscles are, and can lead to injury or pain.

    Focusing on your core will help either prevent or treat back pain by taking the strain from your spine and ligaments. A comprehensive ab exercise to treat this pain is one of the key ab wheel benefits for many users.

    Not all back pain is created equal, though. If you struggle with back pain and find that ab exercises seem to exacerbate the pain rather than relieve it, you could worsen an injury. Make sure what you’re feeling is exertion and not pain!

    Try Top Notch Ab Rollers for Comprehensive & Accessible Ab Wheel Benefits

    Mad Owl Fitness sells the only ab wheel on the market designed ergonomically to prevent wrist strain. With our forearm supports and extra-wide non-skid wheel, you can focus on getting the maximum ab roller effectiveness without worrying about losing your balance.

    We want our customers to get the most out of their ab roller workout. For more information and education regarding fitness, nutrition, and our equipment, check out the Mad Owl Fitness blog.

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